Monorail Bar Crawl Lanyard

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Who is ready to tour the great resorts! Keep track as you stumble your way through the monorail resorts with this personalized lanyard passport just for your magical adventure. Have a favorite color? Pick it! Have a Disney character you want with you for the journey? Pick it! Are you celebrating an event? Personalize it! And of course add your own name.

If you do not see a color or Disney character you had in mind, please reach out and I can work with you to make something!


I know this seems a little confusing but when you order select the quantity that as prices listed in the drop down menu NOT the one with just numbers. The one that just has the number will multiple your order by whichever number you select. The quantity list with the prices is because I have adjusted pricing for bulk orders of these. If you have any questions please send me a message and I will do whatever I can to help!


You will receive an Epcot laminated passport connected to a lanyard with either the classic or personalized option.


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